"Help with Managing Menopause"

Managing the effect of Perimenopause / Menopause / Post Menopause

What are the symptoms of the menopause? Let’s discover the truth and find out what’s really going on!

What’s really going on!

Perimenopause. Menopause. Postmenopause. These are the three stages of menopause as documented by the medical field, but no two women experience the exact same symptoms at the exact same age. However, it may surprise you to learn that from the age of 40+ you are likely to be going through Perimenopause and as a result, you could have or could be experiencing some of the following symptoms:

What fun it is being a women! Is it any wonder that if you are experiencing any of the above the likelihood is your life has been impacted as a result and you are having issues with:


Our quality of life depends on the quality of our relationships, and menopause is often a turning point. Do you need support to work through your relationships (partners/family & friends) to understand which ones add value to your life?

Career / Work

By midlife, you have acquired a number of transferable skills regardless of whether you have been formally paid for them or not. I can help you to identify your key skills and experiences to take action to bolster your career in this second half of life?


By the age of 40+, most women have experienced losses: a lost loved one, a miscarriage, a painful breakup or divorce, job loss, children have left home.  Have you had the space to process these losses, or for processing the emotions surrounding them. Is it any wonder then that we end up carrying that pain into all aspects of our lives?


Money is a touchy subject for many of us and the source of deep emotions, conflicts, and anxiety. This conflict is likely to be a core belief that we have held since childhood. I can help you to uncover your true beliefs about money and support you to change them.


Does the fear of getting old and death make you feel anxious? Research tells us that women in their 50’s are more likely to be afraid of death than men. This fear is normal and natural but it doesn’t have to stop you from living and ageing well. Even minor anxieties have the potential to greatly affect the way we behave and can result in troubling physical symptoms.


Many women struggle to feel good about themselves in midlife, yet the physical and emotional reasons behind this are rarely explored.

The typical symptoms are:

    • weight gain
    • aging face
    • what should I wear – mutton dressed as lamb
    • can I have long hair?
    • can I go grey or will I look too old?
    • Am I young or am I old?

In the space we create together, you will have the opportunity to see how menopause is affecting your self-image, and take steps to shift your thoughts towards self-compassion.

Millieside 7 Step Plan

My longer-term packages follow my highly rated Millieside 7 step plan to success. By following the 7 steps my clients can enjoy their unique journey of discovery and truly uncover who they are and where they want to take their next chapter of their lives.

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