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Dealing with Anxiety & Phobias

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What is Anxiety

Anxiety is a general feeling of fear, uneasiness, panic or nervousness. 

Fear Vs Anxiety!

Fear is an emotional reaction to specific objects or situations that are maybe linked to traumatic events of the past. Anxiety is a reaction to an undetermined threat, often vague and imprecise – understanding the difference between the two can help in determining a diagnosis and treatment plan for anxiety disorders.

Everyone feels anxiety at some point when faced with a challenging situation, such as going for an driving lesson, performances, interview, starting a new job, or sitting exams. It is evolutionary, how we were created, and the body’s way of keeping us safe. 

Anxiety makes us more alert and sends blood to our limbs so we can run away from a really scary situations like a scary predator like a tiger, a car coming towards you. Our bodies were designed to react this way, however we no longer have to deal with the same hungry tiger threats that we once did. Phew!

For some people, the anxious feeling goes away after a short period, when we perceive the threat to be over, and we can begin to feel calmer again. However, for others, we are left with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and we find it hard to calm ourselves down again. This is then known as an anxiety disorder. 

When the feelings are too strong, or too constant, or too overwhelming, we may need tools and techniques to help us. Anxiety can soon spiral out of control and have an impact on our lives, maybe preventing us from walking into crowded places, attending social situations, or preventing us from leaving the house altogether. 

The pandemic has increased people’s levels of anxiety. Some of us are still able to portray confidence to the outside world, while not able to function behind closed doors. The to-do list may be out of control and it feels safer to start nothing than fail at something. You may be overwhelmed, stuck in a rut and not able to see a way forward. Some of us will feel anxious all of the time, while others may feel extreme anxiety in certain situations where we feel threatened.  

With as many as one in four people experiencing anxiety, it is a very common mental health condition. The good news is I can help you. I have many techniques I can use to help you overcome your anxiety issue(s). I have a proven track record with clients of significantly reducing anxiety for their situation in one session.

So, if you are suffering from any form of anxiety then contact me today. 

What are Phobias? (As described by the NHS)

A phobia is an overwhelming and debilitating fear of an object, place, situation, feeling or animal. Phobias are more pronounced than fears. They develop when a person has an exaggerated or unrealistic sense of danger about a situation or object. If a phobia becomes very severe, a person may organise their life around avoiding the thing that’s causing them anxiety. As well as restricting their day-to-day life, it can also cause a lot of distress.

Phobia Symptoms

A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder. You may not experience any symptoms until you come into contact with the source of your phobia. But in some cases, even thinking about the source of a phobia can make a person feel anxious or panicky. This is known as anticipatory anxiety.

Symptoms May Include

Examples of Phobias

So, if you are interested in finding out more on how I can treat your anxiety, addictions, or phobias in as little as one session, please contact me for further information.

Millieside 7 Step Plan

My longer-term packages follow my highly rated Millieside 7 step plan to success. By following the 7 steps my clients can enjoy their unique journey of discovery and truly uncover who they are and where they want to take their next chapter of their lives.

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