"Work with Me - Together we will Succeed"

About My Therapy & Coaching

Hi, I’m Julie and I’m the founder of Millieside Therapy & Coaching.  I’m a Licensed RTT® Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Coach & Counsellor. I have been supporting and coaching people for over 25 years but never as a paid career. So, after a year in lockdown, I decided now is the time to follow my passion to help others to live happy and fulfilled lives. Given I’m a 50+ women in midlife I have decided to focus my business on all you marvellous women in your prime.

Why Work with Me?

My passion is supporting overwhelmed women in their prime to understand their unique symptoms of the menopause and the impacts to their midlife journey.  

Many women are not even aware of the symptoms of the Peri/menopause and are convinced there is something seriously wrong with then. In fact, the symptoms of the peri/menopause are the same as depression so many doctors’ mis diagnose and prescribe anti-depressant.

My clients are typically at a crossroads and are unsure what direction to take their lives.  I help them to identify their core underlining issues and by using various tools and techniques help eradicate them and re-imprint new empowering beliefs that set them free. Together we set goals and create their personal succession plan to reclaim their identity, core beliefs and purpose in life.

I offer a variety of bespoke packages to meet individual requirements. Some clients prefer a shorter package to resolve one issue and others prefer medium to long-term depending on the depth of discovery. Please see my packages for more info.

My Core Values

Who am I and why you can trust me!

Over the last 50+ years I have collated vast experiences that I can utilise to help others.  At the age of 51 I decided to follow my dreams and change my career. Here is a highlight of some of the main events and experiences in my life so far:

"Let's work together so you can be unstoppable!"